These are a few of my favorite (baby & mama) things

October 13, 2021

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And these are a few of my favorite things (imagine the Sound of Music melody!) .

Whether you’re perusing Blooming Littles during a 3 a.m. feeding session, or sitting at your NICU baby’s bedside waiting for their next care time…I hope you enjoy this little list of some of my favorite goodies for mom and baby.

Maybe you’ll have a little, feel-good, ‘treat yourself’ moment.


1. gathre mat

I personally own four of these mats in various sizes, and it’s even one of my husband’s must have baby items (that means you know it’s good!).

It’s a natural, leather mat that ranges from the size of a changing mat to a size large enough to be a picnic blanket. 

I love both the mini size, and the midi size—really everything from Gathre, I love!

The changing mats can fold up small enough to fit in your diaper bag, and the midi size is perfect for a play mat. 

You may find yourself learning to change a diaper in an incubator right now, it’s not easy. I’ve shared some insider tips to make it easier here.

I love that it comes in TONS of colors (including neutrals!), so it doesn’t affect the aesthetic of your home, plus they are super easy to wipe clean when your little spits up on it!

Win, win, win!

2. Elvie Wireless Breast PUmp

I am going to try not to get carried away talking about my love for this product! This is an example of a product that literally saved my ‘mom sanity’, decreased my anxiety, and gave me my freedom back.

I did a full review of my experience using the Elvie wireless pump here. 

As a mom who started pumping from day one, being hooked up to a bunch of cones and attached to the wall makes you feel like you have a relationship with your breast pump, instead of your baby.

The Elvie pump is a completely wireless breast pump that sits in your bra and is almost completely silent (Gasp!—YES!).

The Elvie has the same suction power as your electric pump, but you’ll have the freedom to walk around, drive your car, or play with your baby WHILE PUMPING! 

You can even pump one breast while baby feeds from the other at the same time.

I tell every busy mom who has already established a milk supply about this pump!

Several mamas have gotten one and thanked me!

Just an FYI…there’s definitely a learning curve to using one of these and it’s not for everyone. Read plenty of reviews before taking the plunge.

**HSA & FSA eligible


This product comes recommended by multiple NICU moms who have used them to document their NICU journey. 

Instead of the traditional 1 month old, 4 months old, or 9 months old milestone cards seen all over Pinterest, this deck of cards includes 48 milestones and achievements specially designed for the achievements of a NICU babe.

Plus, the card illustrations were done by a NICU mom!

Some milestones include—

  • I took my first bottle.
  • I am in an open crib.
  • No more IVs.
  • Mom’s first time holding.
  • I was brave today.

There are so many cute ones designed with the NICU mama in mind.

Not a NICU mama yourself, but have a friend with a baby in the NICU? 

These make a great gift to let them know you’re thinking of them (plus maybe include a restaurant gift card or two!).


This is my favorite soft baby carrier.

Long wraps can be intimidating, because it feels like you’ll never learn how to tie them.

BUT give yourself some grace and 30 minutes to practice with a stuffed animal + a YouTube how-to…and you’ll be an expert.

This is the tutorial I followed when I was learning to use this wrap with my own son. I felt like it was easy to follow and quick.

I love to recommend babywearing after NICU discharge if that baby can tolerate upright holding, has reached an appropriate weight, and can be supported in an optimal posture. 

Babywearing keeps that sweet one close to you and supports continued bonding, sensory regulation, sleep, and comfort. 

Not every therapist recommends soft baby wearing after the NICU. There are always concerns related to tolerance, posture, and asymmetries.

But, it CAN be done when a special focus on positioning for alignment and comfort is emphasized. Talk with your therapist, so you can make it happen!


This is a NICU mom must-have and something every mom should keep in mind while exploring the aisles of Target or TJ Maxx looking for little onesies.

Which direction does the zipper go? 

Look for onesies that have an inverted zipper (zipper moves from both the top and bottom), or zippers that connect at the top and end at the baby’s foot.

Extra tip: Make sure to write your baby’s name on the inside of the onesie, so your baby’s care team knows it belongs to you…or it may end up in the NICU laundry.

The product description should also say “two way zipper”.

  1. Zip-up onesies are a lot easier than snaps in the middle of the night when you’re trying to do a diaper change in the dark.
  2. If your baby is in the NICU, your baby’s nurse will likely put them in onesies that either have snaps or an inverted zipper. 

Many NICU babies have medical lines, like an IV or their cardiac and oxygen lines that have to come out of their clothing (once your baby is wearing clothes). 

Onesies with inverted zippers are the best, because your baby’s wires can come out the bottom near their feet instead of the top near their face.

This little onesie set is so cute, has inverted zippers (making mom life easier!), and comes in several cute colors and patterns.


These are a beautiful and thoughtful gift for ANY mama!

You can get one, or a set…and they have been recommended to me by SO MANY NICU mamas.

It’s a special way to personalize something with your sweet baby’s name.

Pick the letter style, colors, and cute little add-ons to make it fit your style.

P.S. They have a ton of options on Etsy.

I love that it’s cute and casual!

I’m getting one for myself!


Is this related to babies? Nope!

It’s just something I love and wanted to share with you guys. It just feels like a good little mom splurge.

As someone who grew up with a Burt’s Bees chapstick addiction and extremely dry lips, I have tried everything on the market to keep from having to apply chapstick every hour.

This stuff IS AMAZING!

I tell everyone about it. Plus, I buy it as gifts for anyone and everyone.

It smells amazing—I only put it on one time before bed, and I don’t need any chapstick during the day. 

Plus, I absolutely love the smell of the watermelon flavor.


If you are attempting to organize your space before baby arrives, or comes home from the hospital, you need one of these. 

This three-tiered rolling cart is the perfect size to fit in an empty space in your home, plus it has wheels so it can be rolled from room to room.

Perfect for…

  • A breast pumping station
  • Medical supplies center
  • Diaper changing supplies hub
  • Kitchen and snack storage
  • Baby clothing/swaddles/burp cloth storage

So many cute, organizational options. 

It’s only $30 and comes in several neutral colors. I actually have 2!

I’m actually about to buy a third one, because one of our cart turned into a toy storage system for my two-year-old, so now I need an extra pumping cart for baby number two!

I’m hopeful something from this list of favorite things will solve one of your mama or baby problems!

They have mine.

Do we share any favorites??

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