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Bridging the
gaps in NICU parent education.


It's time to support NICU parents as partners and create meaningful bedside experiences.

The question is...are you equipped with the training, support, mindset, and confidence to help craft supportive experiences for your NICU babies and their families in every way? And what happens when you're overwhelmed, parent visitation is low, bedside communication is inconsistent, and you just don't know how to help NICU families care for their baby in the ways that truly matter.

NICU resources designed to create confident NICU clinicians while crafting positive, family-integrated NICU experiences.

Guess who has the greatest influence on a baby in the NICU and their family? It's YOU!

Are you an OT, PT, or SLP looking for CE, mentorship, and training in the field of NICU therapy? We bring a proven approach to this advanced area of practice. Join our entry-level training program today.

 flourish neonatal therapy training course

Access a library of downloadable, evidence-based handouts and teaching materials to bring to the bedside and create positive bedside interactions.

ready-made nicu parent education materials

Ways We Can Help

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I'm Katie, a certified neonatal therapist, founder of blooming littles, & NICU mom!

We know NICU parents are often underserved while bedside staff are overwhelmed. We've been there.

So, we've taken evidence-based data and feedback from hundreds of families to give you the tools needed to create positive, family-integrated, and neuro-supportive experiences at the NICU bedside, without the overwhelm.

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We've served over 5,000 NICU families & providers.

How developmentally supportive is your NICU practice?

free worksheet

"Really, thank you so much for giving me the tools to have a better and healthier NICU experience. I feel so much more prepared to be a part of his experience instead of just feeling helpless and watching from a distance.”


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Alice, Mom to 27 week preemie

"As a NICU therapist for a few years, this is what we need. I have been a ‘self-trained therapist’ since I was the only one in my unit. Now I’m training a PT and SLP. We are finally growing! THANK YOU!"


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Chelsea, Level 3 NICU Occupational Therapist

"This course is an excellent resource for individuals currently practicing in the NICU or would like to work in the NICU! The handouts and resources are so helpful and worth having in your toolbox. The self-pace format allowed me to complete the course while working full-time and being present for my family."


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Kellie, Level 4 NICU Physical Therapist

Let's boost your confidence with bedside education and get you talking with families about the NICU developmental topics that actually matter!

We take parent education materials up a notch by incorporating interactive learning activities that providers and parents can complete together.

Improve parent satisfaction, involvement, and confidence in the NICU.

simplify family education at the bedside

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Ready to join the Blooming Littles' mission and transform NICU experiences like these?

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