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Parent-Friendly Education

you become a "nicu parent" in the blink of an eye.

And more often than not? You don't have any time to prepare or learn about what your baby needs during this time. Here at Blooming Littles we aim to bridge the gap between the fact that nobody taught you how to do any of this, and the fact that there are simple and intentional actions you can take to feel more empowered as you walk alongside your baby throughout their stay in the NICU.

You can begin with something as simple as a hand hug.

As a parent in the NICU, it's all-to-easy to feel helpless or like you're stuck on the sidelines.

you don't have to wait until you get home from the nicu to care for your baby.

Did you know...

You can give your baby comforting, intentional care that actually supports their brain development?

From how you speak to them or touch them, to the ways you comfort them during their care…you have a huge role to play!

Here at Blooming Littles, we believe every single baby was born to truly bloom. And even though that looks different for each baby in the NICU, we know you are uniquely equipped to help your baby bloom during this time. With that said, we know that hearing you have what it takes to handle this doesn’t mean you know what to do or how to do it.

Through our NICU-specific, infant care resources and step-by-step NICU parenting course, together you can walk from feeling helpless and out of place in the NICU all the way to feeling more in control of your baby’s experiences, plus nurture their development in a way that makes a difference.

/ nicu parents say /

/ nicu parents say /

I feel prepared.

“Really, thank you so much for giving me the tools to have a better and healthier NICU experience. I feel so much more prepared to be a part of his experience instead of just feeling helpless and watching from a distance.”

You validated our NICU experience.

“Going through your content has completely validated many of ourexperiences and thoughts while living the NICU life!”

Hi, friend!

In 2020, as a new mama just back from maternity leave, and a world shutting down for a pandemic, there was a question of whether or not parents should be allowed in the NICU. It was at that moment I knew that limiting a parent’s access to their baby as they fought to grow and heal in the NICU without offering an option for parents to bond, connect and learn about their babies was wrong, and against the family-centered goals I hold dear as a neonatal occupational therapist. So, Blooming Littles was born to help bridge the gap.

mama of my own nicu baby

nicu occupational therapist

advocate for parents in the nicu

I'm Katie.

Families are often thrust into the experience of the NICU with little-to-no education on how to do more than just endure a scary experience.

Knowing that every interaction matters both medically and developmentally, I set out to begin educating parents in a way that gave them the tools they need to put their babies in the most positive position possible, no matter the circumstances. It’s then that they get to take back the role of primary caregiver in a situation that often makes that difficult or intimidating.

Parents are essential to the NICU experience. That's the catalyst that began Blooming Littles, and it’s the thread that runs through everything we do.

It can feel like time stands still while your baby is fighting to grow and develop in the NICU, no matter how many days on the calendar they’re actually there. Whether you’re on day 1 or day 100 of your NICU journey, we aim to give you what you need to care for your baby in a supportive and evidence-based way during this unique time.

Every NICU caregiver should be armed with this knowledge, and it's my mission to make that happen.

resources for nicu parents

step-by-step course for nicu parents

Vetted education for nicu therapists

We’ve got easy-to-digest, actionabletrainings as well as comprehensiveguides designed to give youevidence-based, hands-on tools tohelp you be the parent your babyneeds most while in the NICU.

Tired of piecing it together? We’ll take you step-by-step through your baby’s care with hands-on strategies to create calm + supportive NICU interactions. This program gives you quick, actionable info and keeps you off Google (finally!).

Neonatal training is rare in the therapist world. We empower you with strategies to help you feel confident in your ability to not just treat babies in the NICU, but truly care for them in a way that makes a big impact..

You are the bridge between your NICU baby and the world, and you have exactly what it takes to give your baby what they need. We’re so happy to be here to help you!

if I could leave you with one thing