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Because YOU have the power to support your baby's development before NICU discharge!

Navigating parenthood in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is unexpected, confusing, and filled with the unknown. You may be wondering how to interact and connect with your baby amid all the wires, alarms, procedures, and medical staff.  You’re not alone.

Feel more confident getting hands-on
at the NICU bedside.

Foster positive developmental experiences
from the start.

Enter the NICU more prepared to
care for your baby.

What are they saying?

you don't have to navigate parenting in the nicu alone.

resources for you

The ultimate guide to interacting with your preemie in the NICU, starting with guidance for babies less than 26 weeks old.

Learn two simple strategies you can use with your baby during heel sticks, suctioning or feeding tube placement to decrease stress and discomfort. 

hi, i'm katie.

I’m a certified neonatal occupational therapist and mom with a heart for NICU babies and their families. My passion is to help NICU parents navigate their baby’s development in the NICU, step into the parenting role and bond with their baby with confidence.

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Developmental tips specially written for families & providers navigating the NICU, from understanding signs your baby is stressed to tips for diaper changes.

Plus, guidance and encouragement from Katie, NICU parents, and developmental experts!

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Do you wonder about your NICU baby’s development while they’re in the hospital? Blooming Littles is here to give you evidence-based, practical strategies to support your NICU baby and parent with confidence. I’m SO glad you’re here!

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