It all began in 2020 when they shut down parent visitation.

I was 3 months postpartum, working as a NICU OT, when I heard NICUs were shutting down visitation to NICU families. The question of how families were supposed to bond, care for, and build relationships with their children under these circumstances plagued me.

The pandemic highlighted a major gap.

Doctorate in Occupational Therapy, certified neonatal therapist, certified in neonatal touch and massage, bedside experience in level III and IV NICUs, lover of all things NICU 

my NICU credentials:

Chasing after my 2 boys (one NICU graduate!) and snuggling my daughter. Oh, and trying to sneak in a little NICU teaching moment on the Blooming Littles’ instagram stories between squeals and screams.


Coffee chugs and hand hugs, the power of skin-to-skin, sharing our vulnerabilities, celebrating small wins, cocoa year round!


I know what it’s like to try and “catch” a parent who can’t visit often to deliver a developmental update. I’ve seen countless families confused and frustrated, because the information they’re shown or told is inconsistent. I’ve had days so busy it feels like my head is spinning, and I realize I did a pretty terrible job of talking with a family about their baby’s cues.

With a heartfelt belief in the power of parents, I started coaching NICU families and providers virtually as a way to bridge the massive gap that visitation and infection control restrictions had created. In just a few years, our social media and online presence has grown to over 20,000 NICU families and providers. And after exploring a virtual approach to NICU education, I’ve learned something important.

I get the struggle and overwhelm, because I’ve been there.

Troubleshooting why skin-to-skin isn't going well, getting providers excited about the power of neuroprotective care (!),  inviting mamas to the bedside for their first diaper change, and two day!

my favs (nicu edition!):

The true magic of connection and empowerment happens at the NICU bedside, in person. But, many providers aren’t equipped with the resources to address the barriers that limit family-integrated care experiences.



every nicu family deserves compassionate, high-quality EXPERIENCES that nourish their confidence, meet them where they are, and support their ability to parent and care for their baby.

And we believe YOU are beyond capable of providing it with the right supports.

After hearing hundreds of stories from the NICU community about bedside moments that could have gone better, I went to work crafting resources that will help you create positive NICU experiences rooted in neuroprotective and family-integrated care. 

Because guess what? 

The person who has the greatest influence on a NICU baby and their family is YOU. That's right. 


A multi-layered approach is needed to address the complexities you experience when caring for babies & families in the NICU.

The question you have the training, a NICU culture that supports you, the belief, and the mental and emotional fortitude to confidently curate positive developmental experiences for your babies and their families?

With over 5,000 NICU families served, we've learned a thing or two about educating NICU families...

As providers, we often overestimate the amount of support we're giving families compared to the way they feel.

The trauma and stress of the NICU plays a key role in memory and the ability to retain information given at the bedside.

Handouts alone are an ineffective way of communicating information and facilitating hands-on learning. Handouts with bedside training are more effective. Families need multiple points of reinforcement.

let's take a peek behind the nicu curtain.

With over 5,000 NICU families served, we've learned a thing or two about educating NICU families...

The #1 way parents want to learn about their child is through hands-on learning with a compassionate and patient provider.

Nonverbal communication, trauma-responsive language, and the overall pace of the unit all influence parent satisfaction related to learning at the bedside.

Up to 90% of parents own a smartphone and prefer to receive information via the internet rather than printed materials.

let's take a peek behind the nicu curtain.

At Blooming Littles, our heart beats for the NICU community.

 We’re here to bridge the gap between providers and families, ease the struggles, and help you deliver compassionate, neuro-supportive care…one bedside at a time.

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