if you're a nicu parent...

I'm guessing you've got QUESTIONS, right?

Whether you’re wondering if your baby can actually develop well while they're in the NICU, or if there’s any way you can offer comfort or support during this experience — you’re in the right place.

On top of the worries and stress of having a baby, thinking through your own recovery, becoming parents (whether it’s for the first time or not), we don’t want you to have to worry about what you can do to help your baby while they’re in the NICU.

In the midst of a medical system shattered by a pandemic, I decided to start Blooming Littles.

Hey friend...

I’m Katie. And while I’m not glad you’re experiencing this (if I could wish you out of this I would), I am so glad you're here. Because I know we can help.

As a certified neonatal occupational therapist and a mama with a heart for NICU babies and parents, I began Blooming Littles with the hope of giving caregivers like you actionable steps that bring hope and greater peace of mind.

i also want to level with you here and say:

I know nothing about this feels okay.

It's not okay that your baby is in the NICU. 

It's not okay that welcoming your baby isn't what you expected.

It's not okay that you can't figure things out in the comfort of your home.

but you
know what?

You CAN handle this. You CAN learn about your baby, even in this medical setting.

You CAN have an effect on their experience both medically and developmentally with a few intentional strategies.

See, I'm a mama too,

Coffee chugs and hand hugs

That's why I don't want parents walking in and out of their NICU journey without the knowledge of what to expect, what to do, or how to nurture the budding relationship with their baby. Because they can.

Being a parent is hard (understatement?). And even with all the baby and breastfeeding tools in my toolbox as a neonatal occupational therapist, my own mental health suffered on my own postpartum journey.

I've learned it's from adversity that we grow. It was inside that difficult postpartum season, at the start of a pandemic, that I chose to begin educating NICU families outside of the hospital as a way to bridge the gap between trying to learn to care for your baby in the busyness of the NICU and making sure families have the right tools to support their child during the NICU experience. And Blooming Littles was born!

with a nicu baby!

Little did I know, two years later, my own world would be rocked when we welcomed our second son...my own NICU baby, into the world. Giving me a fresh and humbling understanding of what it is like to have your most precious gift need intensive care. I went from a NICU occupational therapist to a NICU mom within a couple of hours.

Blooming Littles helped fill a desire in my heart to reach beyond the medical system and find a way to meet the needs of families more directly, whether it’s teaching how to change a diaper with all the wires and tubes, or just offering a word of encouragement or understanding.

With the heart of a NICU mom and the expertise of a certified neonatal therapist, I'm here to help you lean into your purpose and live with hope as you navigate NICU life with your baby.

I strongly believe in

Making medical jargon feel less scary

Helping NICU parents feel empowered as the primary caregivers for their baby, no matter the circumstances.


I have a doctorate in occupational therapy, and I’m a Certified Neonatal Occupational Therapist (CNT).

So, you might be wondering... why should I listen to you, Katie?


I have extensive professional and clinical experience in a level IV neonatal intensive care setting. I’ve worked with a wide range of babies and situations inside the NICU. Through helping the sickest, most fragile babies, I’ve seen a lot of NICU cases.


I was a NICU parent, myself. And while I know it doesn’t take being in the same situation as your patients and people in order to be helpful, I do believe that experience made me a better, more in-tune provider to help parents like you inside the NICU.

First of all, that’s a great question for a NICU parent to ask. The first thing I want you to know is this: not all the information out there on your baby in the NICU is reputable. That’s why I pride myself on ensuring that Blooming Littles is always evidence-based, research-backed, while also being rooted in real experience. Many babies in the NICU are quite fragile, so we take great caution in ensuring everything you learn here will keep your baby safe and supported.

Whew, now that I’ve shared some of my story, I want to give you 3 real reasons why I’m the best person to help you learn about your baby:

/ nicu parents say /

/ nicu parents say /

You validated our NICU experience.

“Going through your content has completely validated many of our experiences and thoughts while living the NICU life!”

I feel prepared.

“Really, thank you so much for giving me the tools to have a better and healthier NICU experience. I feel so much more prepared to be a part of his experience instead of just feeling helpless and watching from a distance.”

Even though I started Blooming Littles for NICU parents, providers quickly started to take note, too.

Turns out, the strategies and family-centered education I was teaching and talking about were really helpful for providers who were working in the NICU, as well. As the Blooming Littles audience of families grew, it drew more and more attention to the lack of NICU-specific education for neonatal therapists and other providers who play a vital role in this specific and delicate time with their little patients.

As the questions continued to roll in, I realized that the Blooming Littles methodology could impact so many more families than I was capable of reaching myself if I used it to empower the amazing providers working with NICU families, too.

How we bloomed in 3 short years


Wrote the Parent Your Preemie Guidebook and created more in-depth (still free) resources for NICU parents like masterclasses and even more blog posts.


The Pandemic hit and I started Blooming Littles as a blog to help parents navigate NICU life.


Launched a program for Neonatal Therapists called Flourish to fill the lack of neonatal-specific training.


Finally found a way to give start-to-finish instruction to parents navigating NICU life through our program Born to Bloom.


...and we're just getting started!

born to bloom

Here at Blooming Littles we aim to bridge the gap between the fact that nobody taught you how to do any of this, and the fact that there are simple and supportive actions you can take to feel more empowered as you walk alongside your baby on their NICU journey. From creating a healing environment, to diapering or bathing your baby...you can be involved in it all.

Parents Navigating the NICU?


Neonatal training is rare in the medical provider world. We empower you with strategies to help you feel confident in your ability to not just treat babies in the NICU, but truly care for them in a way that makes a big impact.

Neonatal Therapist?