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As a NICU Occupational Therapist and educator, I know that in our info-packed world, all knowledge isn’t created equal. With a baby in the NICU, all you want is someone to help you understand what’s going on and what your role is in this whirlwind you’re in the midst of.

That’s why I started Blooming Littles: To help parents like you navigate infant development in the NICU and care for your baby with confidence.

Here we hope you will find answers to the questions you never knew you’d be asking, and the peace that comes with having a trusted source instead of drowning daily in Google-confusion.

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are you tired of the endless (and confusing) google search spiral?

Let me introduce you to Born to Bloom. This is our easy-to-consume course designed to empower parents and providers like you in supporting a better experience for your NICU baby.

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