what are you supposed to do? no one imagines they'd be here.

So, your baby is in the NICU...

… maybe you’re turning to Google to figure out the wires that are attached to your baby.

… maybe you’re struggling to feel like you get to be a parent even now, afraid you’ll step in and do it wrong.

… maybe you’re wrestling with the fact that you don’t know how to soothe or comfort your new baby.

Whatever specific questions you have, I wish you didn’t have to ask them, but I'm also glad we can support you with the tools that will nourish your purpose and hope as a parent in this difficult time. We want to help you feel like you can step in and take care of your baby, knowing you’ll have a positive impact on their experience!

You don't have to wait to parent, connect and nourish that bond with your sweet baby.

did you know that every single experience matters, especially for a nicu baby?

Whether it’s a diaper change, physical touch, hearing your voice, or experiencing your smell. Every moment with your baby is shaping the way they take in and respond to the world around them.

Caring for your baby likely doesn't look the way you imagined it would. Even though your baby needs special medical care, it doesn't mean you can't be involved in those special moments like diaper changes or holding them. We can show you how.

If you're not sure where to start or what you can be doing to support your baby, go ahead and get started with one of these resources. Because we KNOW you can do this.

For NICU Parents

Have you wondered when, how, or even IF you can touch your baby in the NICU? Or maybe been worried about how the stress of the NICU is impacting your baby and are looking for ways to make the experience less stressful and more comforting? Through this action-oriented masterclass, you can learn exactly how to incorporate positive touch into your baby’s day-to-day life in the NICU. 

how to use positive touch to transform nicu cares: insider secrets to transform your baby's development

watch time: 25 minutes

Did you know you CAN support your preemie's development from the start. Get the tools you need to interact positively and supportively with your preemie in this evidence-based, action-oriented guidebook. This digital download is developmentally appropriate for preemies starting as young as 26 weeks old! Plus, you can even print it and take it with you to the NICU.

parent your preemie guidebook

Are you a NICU care provider interested in distributing the Parent Your Preemie guidebook in your unit? We'd be happy to work with you. Shoot us an email!

For NICU Providers

Curious where you stand on the meter of developmental and neuroprotective care standards? Or maybe you're ready to level-up your NICU game as a provider and aren't sure where to start? This worksheet will give you a comprehensive look at just how developmentally-minded you are in your NICU practice.

"how developmentally supportive is your nicu practice?" checklist

We’ve got a comprehensive roadmap to your baby’s NICU stay, from diaper changes to swaddled baths, to supporting your role in helping them have the most positive developmental experience possible.

if you're tired of endless google searching and you just want someone to tell you exactly what to do with your nicu baby...

not a fan of piecing things together?